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Hey everyone,

     Sorry for all of the delays in updates, reviews, and contest information. I am still working out the details of the first contest that is going to be happening here on Raving Reviews. I have not posted any recent reviews because I am waiting on a couple of books that I think we will all find interesting. I will let you all know what they are once I receive them. As for updates on my 2011 work in progress that is supposed to be a book, I have developed a couple of main characters and a couple of interesting events. As I said before it is a work in progress. As you can all see, my blog is also a work in progress and I hope that you can all bare with me as I work to get everything straightened out. Thank you all for being so very patient as the kinks are all being worked out.


Whats going on…

Hi Everyone,

     I am falling a little behind on my TBR list right now but I promise to keep at it. I just finished reading Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly and I will get the review up as soon as I can. I know that I still have not posted my review for Tandem but I am planning on rereading it and then write the review. I am in the process of waiting for two books that I am suppose to be reviewing show up. After they do i will let you all know what they are and when the reviews will be posted. Have a good day everyone.

            Awakening Consciousness a Boy’s Guide is a great inspirational workbook for boys. I think that it is very helpful in teaching boys how to find out who they really are. This workbook helps to improve a young boy’s self esteem and give them courage to be true to who they are. In Awakening Consciousness a Boy’s Guide you will find a variety of activities to encourage young boys to be more active, have faith in who they are, and teach them to see beyond what they already see.

            I like that there are a lot of different activities for young boys to do that are fun and at the same time educational. It is not the same educational information that you would find in school but educational none the less. I also enjoyed the fact that Awakening Consciousness a Boy’s guide helps young boys to get in touch with their spiritual awareness.

            I believe that a lot of young boys would have a lot of fun doing the activities within the workbook. Each activity is created to let young boys have a lot of fun and learn to do different things on their own. Although this workbook is very educational, it is also very inspirational as well. It inspires you to get in touch with your spiritual side and teaches you to meditate.

          I would definitely recommend Awakening Consciousness A Boy’s Guide to everyone I meet. I think that all young boys should read and complete this workbook. It would be good for all young boys to get in touch with their spiritual sides and learn more non-traditional things like meditation and auras. This was another great workbook by Robin Marvel.

            Words of a Journey caused me to think about my life and what I have experienced in it. I find that while reading Words of a Journey I feel a connection to what Kaitlyn Kashman has written, I feel like I know what some of what she has experienced. However, the experiences that I have had are slightly different than those that she has experienced.

            One thing that really stood out when I read Words of a Journey is that Kaitlyn Kashman gives you space to write in the book beside her writings. I like this feature because it inspired me to write about things that I have experienced or even just thought about. Words of a Journey helps to give you inspiration to write about your own life, experiences you have had or would like to have or thoughts that have randomly glided through your mind. I also found that it was extremely easy to read Kashman’s book because it was written clearly and it was understandable.I think that Kailyn’s idea of puting lined pages into her book was a great idea, especially since I am also a writer and it inspired me to write even more. I like that you are able to write next to Kaitlyn’s words because it makes you feel like you are adding to the original books content. I felt like I was writing a book of my own right next to hers.

            I would definitely recommend Words of a Journey to everyone that I know. I think that Kaitlyn’s book is very inspirational and would be very helpful to anyone who would want or need to examine their own experiences and ideas.Words of a Journey could be life changing for some people especially if those people trouble dealing with their own lives. It would also be good for aspiring writers or even non-writers who are kind of lost and are in need of a way to express themselves. It is always nice to read a book that inspires your inner writer.

What’s going on…

Hi Everyone,

     I just wanted to update you all on what is going on here at Raving Reviews. I am in the middle of reviewing Words of A Journey by Kaitlyn Kashman and Awakening Consciousness: A Boy’s Guide  by Robin Marvel. Both reviews will be posted within the next few days. I am currently reading Tandem by Tracey Bateman and the review will be posted within the next week. I am also still working on doing research for one of my books. I will keep you all updated weekly on what is going on here at Raving Reviews. Have fun and keep reading.

            A Practical Guide to Prosperous Living is about being true to the real you. It’s about finding out who you are completely, which will give you a better life. J Douglas Bottorf explains how people hide who they are when in certain situations and until you learn to be true to whom you are you will not be very happy with what you have. Bottorf also helps you to understand your goals and how to make them work for you and what you want them to be. Like the saying goes” no two people are exactly the same,” so why try being like your friends?

            A Practical Guide to Prosperous Living helped me to understand that although I may be happy with what I have, I am not truly happy with. I know that I want more for my life and that of my daughters, but until I know exactly who I am and what I want in life I will never be as happy as I could be. Bottorf talks about how people who experience life or death situations also experience the feeling of true happiness. They experience the real them for just a little while before they come back. I think that we should all be able to feel like, except without the near death experience.

            In my opinion this book by J Douglas Bottorf is very helpful in finding out how to be true to who you really are. There are many different exercises that will help to achieve that goal. Bottorf’s book is also an inspiration to make me want to find my inner happiness and joy and bring it to the real world. By doing so, I believe that it would also improve how one lives their life.

            I think that everyone should read A Practical Guide to Prosperous Living. I think that it would be very helpful for everyone that wants to be as happy as they can be. No one disserves to be unhappy, even if they think that they are happy, they probably are not. So I recommend that everyone go out and find A Practical Guide to Prosperous Living.

Kathryn Nichole Interview

     Today we have Kathryn Nichole answering some questions about her as a writer and her first novel Darkness and Light. I have already reviewed Darkness and Light so I figured it was time to talk to the author. You can find the review under the Book Review category at the top of the page.

  • What inspired you to write Darkness and Light? Are the characters or places in the novel based on people or places you know or have been to?

                   Kathryn Nichole:  “I have always been intrigued with ancient Egypt and Egyptian royalty and kept seeing in my mind a scene of an artist haunted by the face of a beautiful woman.  The characters are strictly fictional and have no bearing on anyone I actually know.  The locations I used are places I would like to visit some day but as of yet have not actually been.”

  •  Do you have a specific writing style that you use when writing your stories/ novels?

                    Kathryn Nichole: ” I love to write in the third person and I also like to use metaphors.  For example, Darkness and Light has scenes that take place in literal darkness and light.  Additionally, I use the metaphor of spiritual darkness and light with the vampire plot in the story.”

  •  Is there a message in Darkness and Light that you want your readers to know?  

                    Kathryn Nichole: ” In Darkness and Light, you see the struggle between the forces of good and evil and within that struggle, there are grey areas.  This can be applicable in every phase of life. If the reader were in the same situation as Cristian and Sage, would they make the same choices as they did.    That is what I want the reader to come away with.”

  •  Is there anything in your writing that you find to be challenging?

                    Kathryn Nichole: ” Usually the biggest challenge when I write a story is writing the first chapter since it sets the stage for the rest of the story.  The very first sentences should draw the reader in to where they cannot wait to find out how the story concludes.”

  •  Have you ever disliked something that you wrote?

                    Kathryn Nichole: “Disliked? No.  Whenever I write, I look upon it as a learning experience.  I can be critical of my work.  For instance, I may look at a paragraph and see where I could have fixed the dialogue up a bit or I could have rearranged the sentences another way.  It is all a learning experience.”

  • Do you have any advice for other writers?

                    Kathryn Nichole: “Never give up.  Whenever you pursue your dreams, you may get a bit discouraged if it seems it is not going anywhere.  However, do not stop writing, singing, dancing whatever your talent may be.  You will never know what you can achieve if you never try.”

  • Is there anything specific you would like to say to your readers?

                    Kathryn Nichole: ” Thank you so much for reading Darkness and Light.  I hope you enjoyed the story and look forward to the upcoming sequels.”

Thank you Kathryn for being the first author to do an interview here on Raving Reviews. I hope you enjoyed doing the review and I hope that all of the readers enjoy it as well. I know that I cannot wait until the sequal to Darkness and Light is available. Good luck with your future works of art.

Upcomming Event

The other day I had talked to Kathryn Nichole about doing an interview here on Raving Reviews. She agreed to it and is as excited as I am about it. The interview will be posted this comming Monday, as we are condcuting the interview this Sunday night.. Here is to the first author interview here at Raving Reviews.

Currently Reading

Hi everyone, I am currently reading A Practical Guide to Prosperous Living by J. Douglas Bottorff. It was sent to me by the author for review. So sometime in the next week I will be posting a review here.

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What is your favorite book cover?

     I would have to say that my favorite book cover is that of Fallen by Lauren Kate. I am not exactly sure why that is but I do like the fact that it makes me think “wow!”.